The BoaT

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Prior to 2014 The Chasin' Crustacean spent her life as a Lobster boat in Port Clyde, Maine. She was recently transported cross country with care, on a semi truck. The CC spans 36 feet in length and 13.5 feet in width which makes it one of the largest six person charter boats in the Bay Area. The vessel is extremely fast for its size and has a wide open 260 square foot deck to ensure plenty of elbowroom for reeling in salmon or toasting the sunset. The spacious cabin and wheelhouse are equipped with state of the art fishing technology and a comfortable bathroom. With a new engine installed in 2016, everyone is sure to have a smooth, safe and pleasant trip!


The CAptain




As a young boy Christian lived to fish. Every chance he had, he was down at the docks working his way onto one of the charter boats. In 2005 he left the Bay Area to attend the University of Maine.

After college he was lucky enough to spend four seasons playing professional basketball in Europe. Throughout it all, he never lost his love for fishing and is thrilled to be back on the waters he's always called home.

Christian has been a deck hand on the Outer Limits and several other Sausalito party boats for over 15 years. Being 6'8" with a 7 foot wing span, he's earned the nickname "stretch" for his ability to net fish, long distances from the boat. In 2013 he passed his 100 ton masters exam and become a licensed captain. His passion and dedication show in his work as well as his catch success rate!